womanish ways

Created and hosted by jewel bush; womanish ways is a podcast and interview series where 17 years of reporting, storytelling and journalism experience meet podcast. It’s what happens when a Black literature loving, Blaxploitation movie loving, Southern girl, who can talk workers’ rights just as fast as she can talk Midnight Marauders or matte lipstick or succulent plants invites you over to chat.

Inspired by the invisible work of her late grandmother, Bertha, who raised 13 children, a handful of grandchildren too, and still found time to sit with the elderly, work the election polls, deliver newspapers in her community in St. Landry Parish and read Toni Morrison novels.

Inspired by her grandmother, Mercedes, who raised 8 children, was married for 55 years, bought and renovated rental properties, who made time for dying her roots and late night casino runs, who appreciated a well-manicured lawn, and at 86, retains her sweet tooth and loves to tell stories about growing up a catholic girl in Rideau settlement.

Launch date to be announced.