What is Writing.As.Resistance.?
Writing.As.Resistance. is a literary activism workshop, by jewel bush, that teaches the power of storytelling and narrative writing. The creative writing workshop combine the tools of a creative writing workshop (writing exercises, and instructor and peer critiques) with cultural organizing training.

Narrative writing is a tool for empowerment and social change. Stories transform lives.

What is literary activism?
Because narratives are so powerful: Literary activism is using the power of storytelling with an emphasis on writing to challenge the status quo and center the stories of marginalized people and communities.

Who can benefit from Writing.As.Resistance.?

The Writing.As.Resistance. literary activism workshop is:
• the perfect professional development activity for nonprofit and for profit organizations;
• perfect for retreats and conferences;
• perfect for writers at all stages of craft including those who don’t identify as
writers but are interested in using writing as an advocacy tool;
• perfect for continuing education seminars at educational institutions – middle
school to high school and at the university level too;
• perfect for large groups or small groups.

The right to communicate belongs to everyone. You own your story.

Workshops can be tailored in theme and length to meet the group’s needs. Schedule a consultation by emailing jewelbush@jewelbush.com. Book Writing.As.Resistance. by emailing jewelbush@jewelbush.com.